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Once you start working with Dair Communications, you will know that you have an integral new team member on your side. Because we have a global reach, we work remotely from your office location. The benefits are that we don't require the overhead of taking up space in your office. We can work using email, VPN connections, Skype or WebEx, instant messages, and phone conferences to stay in contact. We've been doing this kind of remote work for a long time, and we're good at it! Charges are based on the complexity of the work--no flat fees. So updating a photo on a website is not going to be charged as much as writing and reworking the taxonomy of a CMS, for example.

Do you have a particular project in mind? Contact us, and let's discuss your needs, and see what we can work out together.

Content Design Strategy & Management

We are specialists in this area. We work to ensure that your customers can find what they need quickly. We can:

  • Help you devise your content design strategy
  • Take inventory of your current content
  • Set up the information architecture and taxonomy for your content management system
  • Provide support maintenance
  • Advise you on your content layout and UX architecture

Writing and Editing

We do it all! We can create, help you streamline, and improve any content you need. We're your resource for:

  • Technical writing
  • Marketing communications
  • Corporate communications
  • Social media writing (like blog articles or messaging strategies)
  • Streamline and improve any current content that needs updating
  • DITA
  • Training guides
  • Web help


We provide full service for your e-learning needs. Services include:

  • Creating instructional content and design
  • Setting up and managing your learning management system (LMS)
  • Working with your subject management experts (SMEs) to ensure accurate and clear content for your learners
  • Creating course information architecture and course curriculum
  • Delivering content as video, slides, or any other format you deem
  • Creating corresponding tests and study guides for your courses

Support Services

Need someone for only a few hours to make small updates? Look to us. We can be your resource for:

  • Updating and maintaining your CMS
  • Updating and maintaining your LMS
  • Maintaining your social media feeds
  • Provide consultation on social media activities and strategies
Check out our blog, TechCommGeekMom, for insights and commentary on the tech communications industry.


We're a team of highly talented individuals, thinkers, explorers and geek folk. We approach your project with a personal dedication to help you connect with your customers.

Danielle M. Villegas


Danielle M. Villegas has had an extensive career in technical communications and customer service. She is well-known in the technical communications field for her blog, TechCommGeekMom. She has also been a writer for the STC Intercom, Content Rules, and the STC Notebook. In addition to writing on tech comm topics, Danielle has also done presentations and training for World Learning, the Society for Technical Communication (both locally and internationally), at Drexel University's e-learning 3.0 Conference, and for the IEEE.

Danielle possesses over 20 years' experience at such companies as Deloitte Audit, Merck, International Refugees Committee (IRC), MetLife, Novo Nordisk, BASF, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Princeton University Press. She is an active member in the Society for Technical Communication, currently as the President of the Philadelphia Metro Chapter, and as the operations and sponsorship chairs of CONDUIT, the Philadelphia Metro Chapter's Mid-Atlantic Technical Communication Conference. She is also a member of the IEEE ProComm affiliate. She earned her Masters of Science degree in Professional and Technical Communications from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, a certificate in User Experience (UX) Design from the University of Cape Town, and a mini-MBA in digital marketing from the Rutgers University Business School. Danielle founded Dair Communications in 2015 to help personalize the needs of her clients' content needs through her experience and creative touch.

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Do you have a particular project in mind? Contact us, and let's discuss your needs, and see what we can work out together.